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Why we are different

We are a PT owned and operated clinic. We are not affiliated with any hospital and do not receive any assistance or kickbacks from any major medical company. This allows us to see patients in a flexible manner that fits your schedule and ensures better results.

Our therapists have years of clinical experience as both Treating Therapist, Managing Therapist, Director of Clinical Operations, and Owner/Practitioner. For this reason we are able to get to the heart of the issue and not just give you a run of the mill exercise program that has little to no effect. 

Every patient has the freedom to choose where they want to receive their medical treatments. Here at Apex we strive to set ourselves apart from the moment you walk through the door. We will assist you in every facet of your care and are equipped to handle the simplest cases to the most complex. We look forward to meeting you. 

See the difference

If you are frustrated by your level of care and lack of understanding what is wrong with you then you are not alone. You've tried other treatments in the past and just don't seem to be getting better. Give Apex a chance to earn your trust. We have earned a reputation of solving complex medical problems and would love to help you out with yours.

How we can help

Due to the difficulty that most medical staff have with accurately diagnosing your problem it is imperative that this be done well. Our doctors are equipped to assist you with understanding your diagnosis and coming up with an appropriate treatment plan to maximize your healing.

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